Update: RCTs, 2015

Just to prove that RCT’s are a “hot topic” here is another recent link on the debate surrounding them (thanks, Whitney). And here is an interesting take on “cognitive biases” and the dangers of presenting weak evidence:

Experiments by Brown University psychologists have produced positive evidence that people often think about positive evidence the wrong way — if it is weak. Defying logic, people given weak evidence can regard predictions supported by that evidence as less likely than if they aren’t given the evidence at all.

Also, here are two links with evaluation databases: one from the OECD, and one from the World Bank (thanks again to Whitney). For the latter, I also find the webpage of their Independent Evaluation Group to be quite useful. And since we started with this, here are some other links on evaluation in development aid:

There’s many more – if you have a link you think is important, you can gladly post it or send it to me.


On other topics, the ODI has a brief on what should/ could happen “After 2015“.

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