Post-class links – From the Washington Consensus to the End of Poverty

Here is the link to the movie from which we saw a clip yesterday, “The End of Poverty?“. Not to be confused with Jeffrey Sach’s book, “The End of Poverty” (with a foreword by Bono), one of the most discussed books in aid in recent years. Jeffrey Sachs was also an earlier proponent of “shock therapy” which we mentioned in class, and you could think of him as “the eternal aid optimist”. One of his fiercest critics is Bill Easterly, whom you could consider “the eternal aid skeptic”, and who wrote such books as “The White Man’s Burden“. While he has recently asked to retire as Official Sachs Critic, the debate still rages on, this time specifically about the Millennium Villages Project (MVP), which we will be discussing shortly.

Going back to the Washington Consensus, Adriana sends along a link to an interview with John Williamson himself, in which once again defends it (or his own version of it).

PS: This PBS program/ interactive website looks like a good resource for learning more about global economic development and key debates about strategy in the last century.

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